Head Start Program

Head Start  Head Start Programs in Seattle WA

Children between the ages of 3 and 5 years old are eligible for center-based half-day or full-day programs.  Our Head Start program follows The Creative Curriculum method for curriculum development and student assessment. Students learn at their own pace and are encouraged to participate in guiding their learning process.

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In head start we offer a play based curriculum called The Creative Curriculum.  The goals of this style of curriculum are:

Social/Emotional: to help each child develop independence, self-confidence, and self-control.  We support them in learning to follow the rules, routines, make friends, and learn group dynamics.

Physical: we support the development of necessary physical skills of both the large and small muscle groups by running, balancing, jumping, throwing and catching, as well as; buttoning, cutting, drawing, and writing.

Cognitive: we encourage the development of thinking skills through problem solving and asking questions.  We use counting, making patterns, comparisons, sorting, and classifying to help promote logical thinking.

Language: we use various techniques to encourage your child’s communication skills by learning to recognize letters and words, helping them understand how to listen and participate in conversations with others, and beginning writing skills.

Who can we help?

Our Head Start Center based programs, Home based programs are for children ages 3-5, our Early head start programs are for birth to 3 years.  We also offer, Child Care at our Seattle Vocational Institute.  We also offer, Early Childhood Development and Health Services, Prenatal Services, Family Partnership programs, and Community Partnership Programs at all our centers.