Core Values


FAME CDC is committed to the following Core Values as we seek to serve the children and families of our community:

Children – We value children the way they are – unique, competent and with the capacity to learn.
Parents and Families – We respect that parents know what is best for their children and they seek and enjoy opportunities to connect with other parents and families.
All Staff – We ensure our children and families receive full value from their learning experiences through involvement.
Inclusion – We consistently support the individuality of children and families while developing a sense of community among all participants.
Empowerment – We endeavor to facilitate opportunities for children and families to advocate for their own capacities for growth and change.
Collaboration – We introduce our families to opportunities for creating larger relationships within their community by facilitating meaningful partnerships.
Wellness – We are committed to promoting positive, culturally relevant health behaviors that enhance lifelong well-being.
Diversity – We pride ourselves on our diversity and are committed to promoting respectful, sensitive and pro-active approaches embracing diversity.
Teamwork – We are committed to embracing all of our responsibilities as a team in cooperation with our families, our community and each other.